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Right from the time when "Eze started going 2 school" we've been thought that there are 5 parts in human body which makes us to be aware of wat is happening in our environment namely: eyes, ears, nose, tongue & d skin. These we call the sense organs.
But yet, a little child about a year or two don't need anyone to tell (s)he that paracetamol is bitter, neither are they told that there is a difference between hot and cold water, & so this brings about a question: Does school teach us some things we already know? If yes, why then do people fail exams time without number in things dey already know?
Well, I av been made to understand that we go to school to learn not just what we already know but what we ought to know. But that aside lets look at the subject of the day, **Sense Organs** and things u shud knw.


The head has always been an important part of the body. If not for anything, for housing d brain & also been endowed with the complete 5 sense organs.
Have you ever wondered why nature after much consideration gave you; 2 eyes, 2 ears but one mouth? Permit me to say that it is another way of nature telling us to see more, hear more but talk less!!!
just remembered my bible says "not what goeth into a man defilleth a man, but that which goeth out."

The eyes

If u really want to know the importance of the eyes, walk up to a blind person and ask. The eyes have been our help in other to see things around us. That is a fact we all know, but yet there are few more lessons it wants us to note abt life:

1)The positioning;

The eyes are located anteriorly(front) at d top part of the whole body. What does that really mean? The eyes height tells us to note that we shud always see above circumstances. Though your feet may be at the same level with d foundation of a building, yet you still see the top of the building. The fact that you failed a number of times doz nt mean you can't be a success. Hear me: failure is a ladder to success, but be careful not to be heading down the ladder.

2) Forward facing;

Here another thing you should note: the eyes are located in such a way that you should only see things ahead of you (except smtyns wen we av to look back). I always do tell my friends to think more about the future than the present. The past is jst dia 4 u to make references.
Lets jst play a little game: Turn and look left, then turn and look right. You will find out that you ended up saying *NO*. Wud that mean saying no to the future or what?? Well it may be that you are looking at things behind you. I will tell you, one thing that have kept me going in life is to never mind what people say about me if I totally think i'm on the right track. Just look forward and be focused to your goal and let the ear do the hearing (coz u wud need some of people's word).

3) Angle of sight;

From the little research I have made, I was able to see that human eyes can only see 180¡ã out d total 360¡ã (I.e half) . What does that imply: you will always need some1 to watch your back. Dont always think you can stand alone, even as the popular football solo goes "we never walk alone"...

2 b continued...